Learn by Teaching, Being Empowered by Empowering

workshops about 1) how to develop and design experiential educational seminars 2) how to work on intercultural groups’ formation and empowerment
The group members are putting the gained learnings into practice directly, during teaching sessions. There, they can better evaluate the effectiveness of their work, and bring feedback to the next educational seminar.
Knowledge gathering:
Development of a class book to facilitate the classes and of a teachers book with tips on methods and tools for participatory teaching and learning.

Why this project ?

The project was initiated by 10 young refugees of 7 boys and 3 girls, 17- 25 years old, including UASC and unaccompanied children who recently became adults. Most staying at the sites around Attica (Elaionas, Malakasa), or at UNHCR accommodation, or at shelters for unaccompanied minors.

Everyone in the group is being taught Greek at Kyclos and has a good level at Greek language. Since they have been through the learning experience, the refugees can well understand the difficulties and challenges when learning Greek. For the past year, at Kyclos, the group members are attempting to be educators and pass this knowledge to beginners in learning Greek. During the process they realise that they lack some of the appropriate methods and tools to be educators.

Learning how to play the role of ‘teacher’ and how to pass on learnings, advice, experiences and cross cultural understanding to other people


Seminars methodology for teaching
Workshops on groupwork, empowerment and counseling
Teaching internships: Practice- learning on the field
Development of Class book for teachers
Development of Toolkit for teachers on participatory learning
Knowledge sharing sessions with other organizations


Meals cooked


Teaching hours


Community kitchens


Food recipes