Our Activities

We intend to address ‘integration’ holistically by co-creating and implementing activities

Language classes, formal education support and professional training classes given through an experiential methodology, interaction, and reflection on praxis, rather than through conventional lectures.
Community building:
through social activities and cultural interaction e.g. tea house gathering area and ethnic cinematography and other group activities. Empowerment: via the formation of groups and the design of corresponding meetings which facilitate openness and trust building. We provide social support for all the formal and informal issues arising around integrahtion for both genders and all age groups. .


Kyklos aims at supporting income creation either by coupling its members to Greek companies or by creating new job positions that make use of the capacities, skills and knowledge of its members. Entrepreneurial activities are developed in alignment with sustainability values within a circular economy frame.

The activities are designed in a way that allow for various levels of involvement depending on a person’s capacity and will for engagement. While progressing towards higher levels of involvement, the individual keeps participating at the lower levels for new, more advanced knowledge creation


Hand made Soaps


Teaching hours


Handmade bags


Refugees participating

What we have achieved so far

The project started in November 2017. Within the first six months we have reached out and engaged a community of more than 250 Farsi speaking people, men and women from all age groups, currently living either in the refugee camps close by Athens or in flats in the center of the city. A 150sq.m. space has been rented, maintained and equipped in order to host our activities that so far include language classes in Greek and English, teachers’ classes, gender oriented focus groups, legislative and administrative guidance, community activities (tea house gatherings, music courses, cooking courses and community kitchen). Kyklos is open 5d/week, 6 hours per day with approx. 120 people participating in its activities each day. Internationally, we have had two academic collaborations with the Technical University of Denmark and the Copenhagen Business School that support us to build the organisation and its activities. Locally, we have established two strategic collaborations, one with the Athenian Institute of Anthropos (AKMA), a well established organisation in the areas of prevention, group dynamics individual and group counselling and training; and one with the Greek company Cleanway, a detergents and cosmetics producer that will support the social entrepreneurship in the context of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). On a neighbourhood level we have taken the first step towards engaging the local community and we keep receiving positive feedback and support.. .