Soul Kitchen

Learning how to cook for ourselfs and the community

We organize cooking training sessions and workshops. Both local and foreigners are part of the teaching and learning process to ensure cross cultural understanding.
We weekly cook for ourselfs and for the rest of Kyclos community puting the learnings into practise.
Socializing around food:
Community kitchen is organized on a monthly basis combine with certain event related to the food topic. (eg. movie screening)
Knowledge gathering :
The recipes, the outcomes in pictures and the learning experience are to be published in a special cookbook.

Why this project ?

The project was initiated by a group 10 girls and 20 boys aged 15 to 25 years old. Amongst them there are UASC, teenagers that recently became adults and girls who are young adult mothers.
All are staying at the sites around Attica (Oinofita, Elaionas, Malakasa, Schisto) at UNHCR accommodation, at shelters for unaccompanied minors, at squats or are self accommodated.

The majority of the refugees have been away from home since very young age and as a result nobody taught them how to cook. Most of the group do not have the money to buy cooked food and even if they afford to buy cheap raw ingredients they do not have the skills to cook them. This means that to cover the needs in food they are dependent on social support initiatives, or they are often malnourished

The group acquires cooking skills and a set of recipes for nourishing and cheap meals


Raw materials/cooking ingredients
Cooking training
Cook book publication
Cooking equipment
Gender equality and group forming sessions
Organizational costs


Meals cooked


Teaching hours


Community kitchens


Food recipes