A grass-root day-centre in Athens

Kyclos' vision is to improve quality of life and social integration of refuges through personal and professional development.

Kyclos' mission is to provide a holistic response to the socioeconomic needs emerging from the refugee crisis.

Language classes , cultural sessions & formal education support through an experiential methodology . More

Through practical skills building we facilitate community bonding, personal and professional development. More

Through dedicated focus groups, counselling, team forming and empowerment sessions we facilitate openness and trust building. More
Kyclos helps with job searching, contacts potential employers and continuously supports smooth cross-cultural understanding. More

Indicative activities

Teaching & learning

We build skills and we pass our knowledge to the community

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Sewing, embroidery, crochet. Production of useful objects

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We learn how to cook for ourselves and our community

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Soap making

We learn how to make soap and natural cosmetics

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