Workshops at Kyclos

All skills building activities in Kyclos are designed:

- To be done in an experiential way and the know-how to be transmitted from the advanced to the beginners
- To be bottom up and participatory: Kyclos participants are the ones driving the workshop initiation and implementation
- To not only develop the knowledge and the technical skills but also to achieve personal development, social inclusion and belonging (creation of a social network, relationships of trust and a security framework)
- To be inclusive to the cultural elements of the participants

Through this methodology, a smoothest and more equal social intercultural bilateral integration is achieved.


Additional workshops - activities


The request for the workshop came from a group of refugee girls. The lesson is taught by an Iranian refugee, a professional painter. Participants try different techniques: charcoal, tempera, crayons, and even yarn painting.

We have a football team after the request of almost all the men and boys of Kyclos. The trainings take place in a 5x5 stadium in a municipal stadium of Athens. The participants take turns in being the team’s coach.  The team organizes and participates in tournaments and friendly matches at ta neighborhood level and with other intercultural teams.